AC System Repairs and Replacements


The HVAC systems can be very costly if damaged or broken whether it is AC, furnace, or heat pumps. These systems require yearly maintenance to function properly and let the system run for a long time. But if you fail to do the maintenance, your HVAC system will suffer a lot more damage even for a shorter period. There are also ways that you can do regularly to keep your system in good shape. But other than that, you need to call the experts to assess if your system is functioning all right or needs a repair. 

Our highly trained and licensed service crews can assess and diagnose the performance issues and provide you with a full repair estimation or replacement estimation (if needed) before starting the work.


Average repair cost for common AC problems

Average repair Cost

$125 – $459

Minimum service call

$75 – $200

AC diagnostics cost

$89 or above

Repairing refrigerant leakage

$225 – $1,500

Repairing an evaporator coil leakage

$1,300 – $2,000

Repairing a Condenser coil leakage

$1,300 – $1,800

AC tune-up services

$85 – $110

Freon recharge cost

$100 – $600


The average replacement cost for common AC problems

Air Handler replacement  

$1,000 – $3,000

Evaporator coil replacement  

$650 – $1,300

Condenser coil replacement  

$2,000 – $3,000

condenser pump    

$100 – $170

Condensate drain tube   

$100 – $200

fuses circuit breakers or relays

$70 – $300

flush drain line 

$70 – $250

AC compressor hard start kit

$100 – $300

AC line set replacement 

$200 – $700

AC filter drier replacement

$200 – $300


Average Repair cost for common heat pumps and furnace problems 



Blower motor repair

$ 150

Flame sensor Repair


Heat exchanger Repair


Circuit Board/Pressure Sensor Repair




Blower motor


Flame Ignitor


Gas Valve


Full Furnace Replacement

$2,600 -6,300




Ultimate Checklist for HVAC System Inspection

  •     Filters
  •     Debris in your Condenser Unit
  •     Debris in your evaporator coils
  •     Condenser drains
  •     Electrical and voltage connection
  •     Fuel lines and connections
  •     Refrigerant levels
  •     Ductwork leakage and odors
  •     Thermostat Calibration and batteries
  •     Fan belt tension
  •     Gas pressure
  •     Burner, ignitor, flame sensor
  •     Gauges, record pressures/temp
  •     Test temp drop at return and supply air.
  •     Safety tests all controls for proper operation
  •   Amperage readings on all motors, test bearings
  •   Test operation and condition of compressor contacts
  •   Inspect capacitors and relays for rust and leaks
  •   Tighten and test all wires and connections
  •   Turn humidifier off for summer non-operation
  •   Inform customers of equipment conditions


Why Choose Us for Your HVAC System Repairs

To provide you great satisfactory service, we are doing our best to improve and constantly evolve as our business grows. We will deliver and will provide you service at an affordable price range after diagnosing your system.

We can also assure you that our HVAC technicians are well trained and keep on serving to update our skills and knowledge for better service. HVAC systems stove on the delicate balance of efficiency and functionality, hence, performing proper routine service, repair, maintenance, and replacement needs a skilled and experienced technician.

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