HVAC Maintenace Calfornia

Just like every regular system, your HVAC system does need regular maintenance to keep running smoothly and functioning well. This avoids serious damages brought by negligence. For at least a year, spending some extra money on your annual overall HVAC system health check-up or at least every end of the season is beneficial. If you do this, you are helping your system maintain its efficiency and its health in general. With the help of our crew, we will make sure to keep your system in good shape and help it last longer. You can have a maintenance agreement with us and will remind you when you should get the next one. 

Our maintenance services are not only limited to AC or heat pumps. Regardless of the type of your unit, we can handle it and can assure you that the problem will be addressed properly. 

Why choose us for your regular AC system maintenance?

It is best to choose technicians who are experienced and have been in this industry for years. Someone who is willing to listen to all your concerns and do care for you and your family. For us, we just don’t consider clients as clients, rather, a family who needs us. We aim to give you the service you paid for but of course, from the bottom of our hearts, we just want to assure that everyone, at any season, is having the comfort they deserve. 

Benefits of having regular AC maintenance

  • Save Money Now and Later
  • Low cost of repairs
  • Increased comfort
  • The system ‘s lifespan is extended
  • Reliable
  • Enhanced air quality
  • Saves energy

Ultimate checklist for our inspection

  •     Filters
  •     Debris in your Condenser Unit
  •     Debris in your evaporator coils
  •     Condenser drains
  •     Electrical and voltage connection
  •     Fuel lines and connections
  •     Refrigerant levels
  •     Ductwork leakage and odors
  •     Thermostat Calibration and batteries
  •     Fan belt tension
  •     Gas pressure
  •     Burner, ignitor, flame sensor
  •     Gauges, record pressures/temp
  •     Test temp drop at return and supply air.
  •     Safety tests all controls for proper operation
  •   Amperage readings on all motors, test bearings
  •   Test operation and condition of compressor contacts
  •   Inspect capacitors and relays for rust and leaks
  •   Tighten and test all wires and connections
  •   Turn humidifier off for summer non-operation
  •   Inform customers of equipment conditions

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