Repair Cost of an HVAC System

Repair Cost of an HVAC System


An HVAC system can be very costly if damaged or broken. This system requires yearly maintenance to function properly and let the system run for a long time. But if you fail to do the maintenance, your HVAC system will suffer a lot more damage even for a shorter period. There are also ways that you can do regularly to keep your system in good shape. But other than that, you need to call the experts to assess if your system is functioning all right or needs a repair. 


A repair cost can vary depending on what type of HVAC system you have, how big the size is, and how big the damage is. There are also times that repairing won’t help your HVAC system anymore, thus, it needs a replacement. But we need to avoid damages and malfunctions if we can to avoid repair and replacement costs. 


Damages like fuses, breakers, or thermostats can cost between $150 and $290. But fixing a refrigerant leak and coils would range from $200 to $1,500. An AC fan motor replacement is about $225 to $700.


Repairing HVAC System


If your HVAC is performing poorly, like not giving you enough heat or cool, and you don’t know anything about how these things work, you might call a technician for him to inspect your AC. Note that costs can vary when you call a technician. If it’s beyond their office hours, during weekends, or holidays, they would likely charge more.


HVAC repairs typically cost homeowners spending $144 to $451 for HVAC service. It’s a lot of money but the rate covers the technician’s salary, gas, insurance, etc. Minimum service call ranges between $75 to $200. After the inspection, your technician will give you information about your HVAC condition. 

In most cases, if it’s too old and needs a replacement, they would do a complete estimation and calculation. A full HVAC replacement costs $5,000 to $10,000. The price includes the new unit, installation, removal, and disposal. This rate is much lesser than a new complete installation.


AC Repair Cost


Depending on what type of AC you have or how big it is, the average repair jobs cost $125 to $459. If you do know what’s wrong with your AC but just don’t know how to fix it, minimum service call rates of $75 to $200. If you’re not sure what’s the problem, an AC diagnostic costs about $89 or above. If you happen to have a refrigerant leakage, repairing it would cost you $225 to $1,500, and if your evaporator coil leaks repairing it costs you $1,300 to $2,000. If the damage is in the condenser coil, you need at least $1,300 to $1,800. AC freon recharge $100 – $600.  

But if your AC ultimately gave up due to some malfunctions, you will most likely have this system replaced rather than keep it. Again, cost varies depending on the type and size but the average cost would range from $3,800 – $7,500. Tuning up your AC ranges from $85 to $110 but major replacements like AC Compressor Replacement would cost $1,000 – $2,500. A capacitor replacement, contactor, drain pan, circuit board replacement would cost you from $150 – $350.

Other parts of the AC system and their corresponding estimated replacement costs:


  • Air Handler replacement $1,000 – $3,000 
  • Evaporator coil replacement $650 – $1,300 
  • Condenser coil replacement $2,000 – $3,000
  • condenser pump $100 – $170
  • Condensate drain tube $100 – $200 
  • fuses circuit breakers or relays $70 – $300 
  • flush drain line $70 – $250 
  • AC compressor hard start kit $100 – $300 
  • AC line set replacement $200 – $700 
  • AC filter drier replacement $200 – $300


Furnace Repair Cost  


The average furnace repair jobs run from $125 to $355. Below are the average rates for common furnace repair and replacement jobs. Nonetheless, you need to let your technician inspect your system first because the price can increase if the damage is too much. 



Blower motor $150

Flame sensor $80

Heat exchanger $100

Circuit Board/Pressure Sensor $50



Blower motor $400

Flame Ignitor $400

Gas Valve $150

Full furnace replacement $2,600 6,300




Maintaining your HVAC system is the best way to avoid any damages and malfunctions. We understand that over the years, your system will eventually give up. But we want it to be because of old age not because of negligence. Remember that if one of the parts of your system won’t properly function well, it will give a domino effect to the rest of the system. And your HVAC won’t function if it’s incomplete, thus making it a system. We want our HVAC system as our investment to give us the thermal comfort we need and want, not a headache. So, take care of your system properly. There are tons of articles that you can read on how to do the basic maintenance yourself. Understand how your system works and treat it as your best friend at all seasons.

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